My 5 for Friday (August 10, 2018)

What can we learn about leadership from Esther? How is God’s economic system different from the world’s? And what is the best method for paying off debt?

All these questions and more are answered in this week’s My 5 for Friday. 

  1. Debt Snowball Vs. Debt Avalanche: What’s The Best Method To Pay Off My Debt? from Crown. You have debt and you know you need to start paying it off – what’s the best way? This article from Crown Financial Ministries shows the pros and cons of the debt snowball versus the debt avalanche. Take a look and see which method might be best for you.
  2. Leadership Reminders From Esther by Chris Hefner. The Bible provides a wealth of examples of good and bad leadership. In this article, Chris Hefner points out what we can learn about both forms of leadership from the book of Esther. He claims, “When we lead from the wisdom and instruction of God’s Word, we have the opportunity to lead well.” Keep reading for some helpful reminders on leadership from God’s Word.
  3. 5 Under-Utilized Practices That Give Your Leadership An Immediate Boost by Dan Reiland. Sometimes it helps to go back to the basics, which is why this article from Dan Reiland is so helpful. He points out five practices that often go un-utilized by leaders but when they are used, they give an immediate boost. Take a look to see how you can implement these practices.
  4. Why You Need To Consider These 6 Things For Your Next Team Meeting by Tracey Smith. “Do you have a meeting strategy? How can you ensure your upcoming meetings are not only effective but also add value to your team?” Whether or not this is something you’ve asked yourself before, I encourage you to read this article Vanderbloemen Search Group where they offer a helpful guide for planning team meetings.
  5. God’s Kingdom Has a Startling Economic System by Michael Rhodes and Robby Holt. Living in the wealthiest nation to ever exist, one has to wonder why we still see so many problems. Rhodes and Holt offer some interesting statistics on the many issues Americans face while offering the hope that “the good news of the gospel is that Jesus is King, that he’s bringing his kingdom, and that he invites us to participate in it, now and forever.”

Should I Avoid Debt, Even When it Makes Me More Money?

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