My 5 for Friday (August 18, 2017)

How can you know the quality of your leadership? What signs indicate that you are trying to operate on your own power and not God’s? And what are some keys to budgeting success?

These questions and more are answered in this week’s My 5 for Friday.

  1. 3 Easy Ways To Know the Quality of Your Leadership by Carey Nieuwhof. How are you doing as a leader? Carey Nieuwhof says, “I find a lot of leaders are not clear on how well they’re leading. This falls into two categories: Leaders who overestimate how well they’re doing. Leaders who underestimate how well they’re doing. Both are problematic for different reasons.” Take a look at this post if you want to know three easy ways to determine the quality of your leadership.
  2. Seven Characteristics of Reactionary Pastors by Thom Rainer. As a pastor, do you find yourself constantly faced with situations that necessitate an immediate reaction? Could some of these reactions have been avoided? Thom Rainer writes, “We can’t always plan ahead. We can’t always be proactive. But many church leaders can be moreproactive. Too many of these leaders waste valuable time because they were not prepared adequately.” Check out this post for seven characteristics of reactionary pastors you should hope to avoid.
  3. 9 Signs That You’re Operating in Your Own Power by Chuck Lawless. In who’s power do you go about your ministry…yours? Or God’s? Chuck Lawless writes, “He (Satan) simply is not alarmed when we go through the motions and activities of church, but without the power of God on us.” Look here for nine signs that you’re operating in your own power.
  4. 4 Keys to Budget Success by Chris Brown. Does the thought of creating a budget frighten or overwhelm you? Chris Brown writes, “The way I see it, a budget’s not a list of rules telling me what I can’t do with money. It’s more like permission to spend because I’ve planned for it ahead of time.” Don’t miss these four keys to budget success.
  5. Your Greatest Strength Can Be Your Greatest Weakness by Eric Geiger. All leaders have strengths. But they also have weaknesses. Oftentimes these two qualities are more related than you might think. According to Eric Geiger, “The leader who is excellent with details can get lost in them. The leader who is great with executing tasks can run over people. The leader who is incredible with people can forget about assignments.” Check out this post for four types of leaders/entrepreneurs and their corresponding strengths and weaknesses.

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