My 5 for Friday (August 23, 2019)

How can you prepare your child financially for college? How can you be more mindful when spending money? And what does your attitude have to do with leadership?

All these questions and more are answered in this week’s My 5 for Friday.

  1. Ask Chuck: How Do I Financially Prepare My Child For College? by Chuck Bentley. Often, college is a time where students are faced with some of their first, big financial decisions as they’re on their own. So how can parents make sure their child is ready? Keep reading for Chuck Bentley’s tips on how parents can help prepare their child financially for college.
  2. 7 Ways to Get Past The Funk of Talking about Money at Church by Carey Nieuwhof. Money is a difficult topic for most people to discuss, even more so for pastors. How can you get past this? Carey Nieuwhof shows the importance of talking about money when he asks the question, “If the church won’t help people figure out how to handle their personal finances, who will?”
  3. 4 Mindful Spending Habits That Will Save You Money by Emily Guy Birken. It’s a little too easy to spend money mindlessly these days, which is why it’s important to practice being mindful of where, why, and how you’re spending your money. Here, Emily Guy Birken offers four tips on how to be more mindful when spending money. 
  4. A Church’s Responsibility to Care for the Poor by Eric Geiger. “The Church has gold, not to store up but to lay out, and to spend on those who need.” Here, Eric Geiger highlights wisdom from Ambrose of Milan, where he shows the church’s responsibility to care for the poor. Check it out.
  5. Why Attitude is Everything by Dan Reiland. How important is your attitude when it comes to leadership? Dan Reiland says that “Your attitude is not based on your personality…Your attitude expresses your inner disposition toward life and leadership and affects how people see you.” Check out his thoughts on why the right attitude is so important in leadership.

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