My 5 for Friday (August 25, 2017)

How can you serve women well in your church? How can young leaders lead older leaders? And why are capital campaigns spiritually important?

These questions and more are answered in this week’s My 5 for Friday.

  1. 3 Keys for Serving Women Well in Your Church By Eric Geiger. As a church leader, is the women’s ministry even on your radar, or is this an area that you tend to overlook? Referring to women’s ministry in the church, Eric Geiger says, “For this ministry to be most effective, pastors should be involved in championing ministry to women, equipping leaders, and ensuring the ministry receives resources needed to reach and disciple women.” Take a look at this post for three keys to serving women well in your church.
  2. Balancing the Tensions of Leading an Established Church by Sam Rainer. Are you the pastor of an established church? Sam Rainer writes, “As you lead an established church to greater health, you will have to demonstrate a great deal of balance.” Check out this post on balancing the tensions of leading an established church.
  3. How Young Leaders Can Lead Older Leaders by Dan Reiland. Leading people that surpass you in age and experience can be challenging. Dan Reiland writes, “Even though intimidation, insecurity or lack of confidence can be part of a normal response to leading people with more life experience than you, it’s important for you not to get stuck there.” Take a look at these seven insights to help young leaders lead older leaders.
  4. 3 Myths To Dispel About Successful Leaders by Sarah Robins. When you imagine a successful leader, what qualities would you use to describe them? Sarah Robins with the Vanderbloemen Group writes, “Being the loudest person in the room does not make one a leader, much less a great leader. Don’t overlook the more introverted candidates. They’re often slow to speak, slow to anger, and clear headed about the trials and situations that unfold around them.” Check out this post for three myths of successful leaders.
  5. Why are Church Capital Campaigns Spiritually Important? by Generis. Do you view giving to your church or other Christian missions as simply an obligation or an opportunity to invest in God’s Kingdom? According to the Generis Team, “Beyond our God-inspired mandate, there are three primary reasons to be intentional about providing financial resources for your mission.” Don’t miss these three reasons why church capital campaigns are spiritually important.

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