My 5 for Friday (August 31, 2018)

How is generosity connected to fasting and prayer? How can you resolve tension resulting from mismatched expectations? And what can you do to cultivate a space for great ideas?

All these questions and more are answered in this week’s My 5 for Friday. 

  1. 4 Ways To Cultivate A “Lightbulb” Culture Of Great Ideas by Jennifer Winge. We all know that moment when a “lightbulb” idea occurs. But is there a way to cultivate a culture where those moments happen regularly? Jennifer Winge lays out four ways in which you can encourage this type of culture and says that “the benefits of a culture that is conducive for lightbulb moments are far reaching.”
  2. 4 Principles for Love-Fueled Generosity by Juan Sanchez. The Christians in Antioch gave quickly and cheerfully when presented with the opportunity to help the church in Jerusalem. Juan Sanchez points out how their generosity was fueled by love and in turn, “they displayed the unity of the one Church, made up of Jew and Gentile, and they displayed the promise that Jesus cares for his people through the generosity of his people.”
  3. 7 Leadership Tips Guaranteed to Help Every Leader by Ron Edmondson. One of the most important things a leader can do is learn from the leaders who have gone before them. Here, Ron Edmondson gives leaders seven tips that he has learned from his time in leadership that are guaranteed to help when put to use.
  4. Only 2 Ways to Resolve Tension Because of Higher Expectations by Eric Geiger. A common source of tension between leaders and their team is “mismatched expectations.” Having experienced this himself, Eric Geiger shares that “You can live with that tension or you can work to resolve it.” Check out this post to see how you can work towards resolving this tension and aligning expectations between you and your team.
  5. Grow Generosity Through Fasting and Prayer by Todd McMichen. Fasting and prayer are often talked about hand-in-hand, but have you noticed that generosity is often communicated right alongside these disciplines? Todd McMichen points out that “Both fasting and generosity call us to release the power or even break the bondage of earthly things.” Check out this post to see how you can grow generosity through fasting and prayer.

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