My 5 for Friday (August 4, 2017)

How can you develop leaders through delegation? How do you engage Millennial givers? And can decluttering actually make you money?

These questions and more are answered in this week’s My 5 for Friday.

  1. Well Diggers vs. Temple Builders by Tim Cool. In John 4, Jesus speaks to the woman at the well – a common place she frequently visited to draw water. According to Tim Cool, “We need to look for opportunities to develop “wells” on our campuses and within our communities and not just temples.  The well is representative of several attributes that I believe the church, as a whole, has not done a great job in providing to our communities.” Check out this post for why it’s important to develop “common places” or “wells” in order to reach your community for Christ.
  2. 9 Ways To Develop And Empower Leaders Through Delegation by Rusty Gates. As a church leader, what level of value do you place on raising up future leaders in the church, and what is your strategy for doing so? Rusty Gates writes, “By inviting people into our ministry and delegating responsibilities, we not only increase the work of the church, but also build up our people.” Look here for nine ways to develop and empower leaders through delegation.
  3. Fighting with Ed Stetzer, Becoming Friends Again, and Lateral Leadership by Eric Geiger. Lateral leadership can be challenging and frustrating at times. Based on personal experience, Eric Geiger writes, “Combine two strong personalities without experience in lateral leadership and there will be tension.” Check out this post for four insights he gained through his experience with lateral leadership.
  4. Three Ways to Engage the Millennial Giver in Your Church by Generis. How do you motivate giving among the millennial generation? As stated by the Generis Team, “It is crucial for churches to employ strategy; but to truly engage the Millennial giver, we must engage their hearts in a cause like no other: Knowing Jesus and making Him known.” Look here for three ways to engage the millennial giver in your church.
  5. How I made $2,145 Last Month by Decluttering by SEEDTIME. Do you have things lying around your home that you don’t use and could be making you money?  Bob at SEEDTIME writes, “I made $2,145 in 30 days selling stuff that I didn’t even want any more!” Check out this post for ways to declutter your home and earn extra money in the process.

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