My 5 for Friday (December 20, 2019)

What are the dangers of materialism? How can you practically take steps towards building an emergency fund? And how can you avoid accumulating Christmas debt?

All these questions and more are answered in this week’s My 5 for Friday.

  1. Materialism Is Easy to Decry and Hard to Avoid by Kathy Keller. “Materialism is in the same category as building your house on the sand, or eating food that does not satisfy. It is doomed to ultimate failure.” Check out Kathy Keller’s insight on how materialism is a matter of the heart, not just possessions.
  2. Born To Be Generous by Todd McMichen. “As believers we are 100% dependent upon the generosity of God. The only way our lives can thrive is when they depend upon the giving God.” With this truth, Todd McMichen points out that generosity shouldn’t be an awkward topic, but instead should be seen as how God designed us to live.  
  3. Use these 4 steps to build an emergency savings fund by Greg Iacurci. “36% of Americans reported either they or an immediate family member experienced at least one major unexpected expense during the past year.” Because of this reality, Greg Iacurci gives four helpful steps towards building an emergency savings fund.
  4. Ask Chuck: What Can I Do About Christmas Debt? by Chuck Bentley. “It’s fascinating how the world tries to convince us of the need to do more, to have more, to buy more. And yet, we’re never told those things in the Bible.” Keep reading to see Chuck Bentley’s suggestions for avoiding debt at Christmas.
  5. Ten Ways Materialism Brings Us to Ruin by Randy Alcorn. “Materialism is a dead-end street. It is not only wrong—it is utterly self-destructive.” Randy Alcorn shows here how materialism is not just destructive to our finances, but to our families, purpose, and our spiritual health as well.

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