My 5 for Friday (December 9, 2016)

Does being a control freak hurt your organization’s growth? How do you energize community stewardship? And how can you celebrate Christmas without eliminating your savings?

These questions and more are answered in this week’s My 5 for Friday.

  1. How Your Control Freak Tendencies Stunt Your Church’s Growth by Carey Nieuwhof. Are you a control freak? You may not think so, but many people who end up in leadership roles feel the need to control others. Carey Nieuwhof says, “If you want to limit your church’s growth, attempt to control everything.” Here are five things that the need for control does to your church’s growth.
  2. 3 Coordination Killers that Can Kill Your Leadership by Eric Geiger. As a leader, you have an opportunity to build respect and trust among team members. However, if you are unable to do these things, it can hurt your team. Eric Geiger says, “A lack of coordination can destroy a team’s effectiveness.” Here are three things that hurt coordination among your team.
  3. 5 Ways to Grow Your Business Faster by Becoming a Better Leader by John Rampton. Have you taken a new leadership position before even though you did not feel quite ready? John Rampton says, “It’s not easy being a leader. It’s even more challenging when you’re expected to step-up into a leadership role in the blink of an eye.” Here are five ways you can become a better leader faster.
  4. Energize Community Stewardship with Favorite Activities by ACS Technologies. Your church members want to give time and money towards things that they value. Jan Jasmin says, “Learning the activities and hobbies that are most popular with your congregation takes time and effort, but is very useful in building programs that attract maximum involvement and generosity.”
  5. Want to celebrate Christmas without blowing your hard-earned savings? by Chuck Bentley. How do you make it through Christmas without blowing your hard-earned savings? Chuck Bentley says, “Intentionally plan a stress-free holiday that allows you to focus on Christ, the best gift of all.” Here are some ideas for gifts that won’t break the bank.

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