My 5 for Friday (Family Edition)

This week, my family has been doing the Rainer Family Christmas Tour, visiting family in three cities and celebrating the birth of Christ. So, this week’s My 5 for Friday is going to be a little different. I’ve picked some recent resources produced by a few of my family members. Enjoy!

1. 5 Reasons I’m Hopeful for Churches in 2020 by Thom Rainer. Churches are struggling, but Rainer sees reason for hope. He writes, “My optimism is fueled by several indicators I have been noticing. While many of my data points are anecdotal and observational, I see them as nevertheless real and powerful. Let me put them out there and allow you the opportunity to respond.”

2. Solving the Problem of Decreasing Attendance Frequency in Your Church by Sam Rainer. In this article, Rainer provides some practical suggestions on how to curb a reduction in church attendance frequency, including creating weekly rhythms and encouraging spiritual disciplines. 

3. 10 Guidelines for Paying and Hosting Guest Speakers and Musicians by Thom Rainer. How much should you pay a guest speaker? This is a common conundrum for church leaders. You want to be a good steward of your church’s resources while, simultaneously, not being stingy. In this article, Rainer provide ten guidelines to help you with this challenge.

4. Kingdom Priorities by Jess Rainer. In this sermon, Rainer teaches from Haggai 1:1-15. We often find ourselves trying to squeeze too much into life while squeezing God out. He challenges us to put the priorities of God’s Kingdom ahead of our own kingdom. 

5. 4 “Busyness” Quotes that Will Challenge My Life in 2020 by Chuck Lawless. Okay, Lawless is not technically a family member, but he’s close enough. And this is a great post for all of us. More than likely, busyness will present itself to you and me in 2020. So, these quotes are worth reading. 

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