My 5 for Friday (February 1, 2019)

Should you pay your kids to do chores? Are you ready to think about investing? And what did Jesus have to say about money?

All these questions and more are answered in this week’s My 5 for Friday.

  1. What Jesus Said about Money by Bob Lotich. You may have heard it said before that Jesus talks more about money that any other topic in the New Testament. So then, what exactly does Jesus say about money? In this article, Bob Lotich highlights three teachings from Jesus on money. It’s worth reading.
  2. Should We Pay Kids to Do Chores? by Jen Wilkin. Have you struggled with the question of whether or not you should pay your kids to do chores? Is this the best way to teach money management? Check out Jen Wilkin’s perspective on how her family addressed chores and allowance as you are navigating how to balance these things with your family.
  3. Are You Ready to Think About Investing? by Evan Elston. You know that investing financially is, generally speaking, a good thing. But are there other things that need to be addressed before you begin investing your finances? Evan Elston lays out what needs to be done before making the decision to invest as well as some first steps to investing. Check it out.
  4. 5 Steps When You’re Overwhelmed as a Leader by Ron Edmondson. Leaders are not immune to being overwhelmed. So what should you do when you begin to feel the weight of responsibility overwhelm you? Take a look at this post where Ron Edmondson gives us five practical steps to take when feelings of stress and anxiety arise.
  5. Christ-Centered Stewardship in a Consumer-Driven Culture: An Interview about Money and Giving by Randy Alcorn. In this interview with Randy Alcorn, he explores what it means to steward our finances in a Christ-centered way and the unique challenges that come with that in a culture full of materialism. Keep reading for encouragement in Christ-centered stewardship.

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