My 5 for Friday (February 2, 2018)

How can you build staff morale? How do you have a successful phone interview? And what can we learn from famous failures?

These questions and more are answered in this week’s My 5 for Friday.

  1. 12 Ways to Build Staff Morale by Dan Reiland. Churches with high staff morale not only provide environments where people want to work, but it is also these churches that survive when the going gets tough. Dan Reiland writes, “Teams with high morale are resilient, resourceful, and can make it through tough times.” So how do you cultivate high morale on your team? This post gives you twelve ways.
  2. 8 Tips For A Successful Phone Interview by Josh Lai. Phone interviews have become a common part of the hiring process within many organizations. According to Josh Lai with the Vanderbloemen Team, “There are also some companies that have completely foregone in-person interviews and have hired people after a phone call.” This makes your first impression over the phone all the more crucial. Look here for eight tips to have a successful phone interview.
  3. The Dangers of Echo Chamber Leadership by Thom Rainer. As a leader, what type of people should you surround yourself with? We tend to gravitate towards the affirmation and ego boost that comes from those who are ready to agree with us, but is that the wisest way to develop good leadership? Not according to Thom Rainer. Checkout this post for the dangers of “echo chamber” leadership.
  4. Life Lessons from 6 Famous Failures by SEEDTIME. What is your reaction to failure? Do you respond with defeat, or recognize it as an opportunity to learn and grow? As Joe from SEEDTIME says, “It seems that failure is inextricably blended into the pathway toward success.” In this post, we learn inspiring life lessons from six famous failures that have gone before us.
  5. We’re in the Midst of a Generosity Crisis by Generis. How important is generosity among church members in advancing the Kingdom?  As stated by the Generis Team, “Until God’s people use God’s resources for God’s work, God’s mission will remain undone.” But are there ways we may be hindering giving in our churches? The Generis Team asks, “If the people in our congregations are making most of their transactions without cash, why are we still pushing them to give through the offering plate?” Checkout this post for one big way to encourage giving among church members.

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