My 5 for Friday (February 28, 2020)

What does unhealthy giving look like? How does deficit thinking kill generosity? And how can you save more money on a limited income?

All these questions and more are answered in this week’s My 5 for Friday.

  1. Five Types of Unhealthy Giving to a Church by Thom Rainer. “I have worked with dozens of churches where some types of financial or other gifts can actually hurt a church.” What are the types of gifts that can hurt a church? Keep reading to see Thom Rainer’s observations on church giving that may not help.
  2. Deficit Thinking Is a Generosity Killer by Todd McMichen. “When giving people are not provided the opportunity to easily give in meaningful and enjoyable ways, they won’t.” Deficit thinking can hurt generosity in your church, so Todd McMichen encourages leaders to reframe that way of thinking to provide opportunities unleash generosity.
  3. If You Want To Get Over Your Fear of Talking About Money, Here’s How by Carey Nieuwhof. “When people know you’re for them, it’s much easier for them to get behind the mission.” Check out Carey Nieuwhof’s thoughts on why we should stop viewing the topic of money as awkward and something to avoid, but rather as an opportunity to lead others in wise stewardship of their finances.
  4. Ask Chuck: How to Save 1K on a Limited Income by Chuck Bentley. It’s one thing to know you should save money and then actually do it… especially with limited income. Here, Chuck Bentley offers advice on how to save $1,000 with a limited income, reminding the reader to “analyze your priorities and determine to always spend less than you earn.”
  5. Savings & Investing: Fact or Fiction? by Evan Elston. “Even though we wish this was the other way around, the safe way to go is to expect a slow return on investment.” Evan Elston points out many myths we’re tempted to believe about saving and investing, and how we should pursue saving and investing in a biblical way. Check it out. 

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