My 5 for Friday (February 9, 2017)

What questions should pastors ask their families? What small actions can make you a better leader? And what are some creative ways to increase your income?

These questions and more are answered in this week’s My 5 of Friday.

  1. 10 Questions for Pastors to Ask Their Families by Chuck Lawless. If we really want to know how we’re doing in our walk with the Lord and in our love for others, we should ask those who are closest to us. Pastors, are you curious how well you’re loving and leading your family? Their answers will shed light on your relationship with the Lord as well. Checkout this post for ten questions for pastors to ask their families.
  2. Pastor, Don’t Be Afraid to Lead by Ryan Rice. Do you lead for the glory of God or for the glory of man? When tough times comes, the latter form of leadership will not be enough to carry you through.  Ryan Rice writes, “Leading means making decisions and the possibility those decisions will not always be liked. However, if God has called you to lead, then lead with the compassion and grace found in Christ.” If you’re a church leader, be encouraged by this post, and don’t be afraid to lead.
  3. 7 Good Reasons for a Leader to Say NO by Ron Edmondson. Do you struggle with the inability to say no? To overcommit when you realize you already have too much on your plate? According to Ron Edmondson, “It may be one of the most valuable things we can do to protect the integrity and longevity of our leadership is to learn the power of the word no.” Take a look at this post, and find out seven good reasons for a leader to say no.
  4. 3 Small Actions to Make Your Leadership Meeting More Effective by Eric Geiger. Every organizational meeting is different. Only you as a leader knows what works best for your team. However, depending on the nature of the meeting, this post provides some helpful tips to improve effectiveness and productivity. So checkout these three small actions to make your leadership meeting more effective.
  5. Ask Chuck: Creative Ways to Increase Income by Chuck Bentley. Are you under financial stress, have limited your budget as much as possible, and you still need to do more to get out of the hole? Maybe you simply have a financial goal you want to reach and are wanting to increase your income? If this is you, this post provides some helpful and creative ways to increase your income in order to reach your financial goals.

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