My 5 for Friday (January 17, 2020)

How can you break the cycle of money fights with your spouse? What should you consider when making a new hire? And how can you overcome criticism?

All these questions and more are answered in this week’s My 5 for Friday.

  1. Ask Chuck: Breaking the Cycle of Money Fights by Chuck Bentley. “A lack of unity directly relates to financial struggles and impacts decision-making.” If you find yourself in a cycle of money fights with your spouse, keep reading for encouragement from Chuck Bentley on the importance of being united with your spouse, which will lead to unity over finances as well.  
  2. 6 Practices to Overcome Criticism by Dan Reiland. “Years of criticism can wear you down. It can discourage you…how you handle that criticism makes all the difference.” Every leader will face criticism as some point, so Dan Reiland gives six practices to know how to best respond to it and overcome it.
  3. 4 Factors to Consider as You Hire for the New Year by William Vanderbloemen. “It’s important to consider how you’ve hired employees in the past, and how you might improve those processes for the future.” Consider William Vanderbloemen’s advice as you consider new hires for the new year, and work towards improving your hiring processes.
  4. 10 Signs You Love Money by Dawn Wilson. “It is a choice to pursue wealth for sheer luxury or selfish consumption instead of looking at life from a biblical, eternal perspective and accumulating money and resources as a powerful tool to bring glory to the Lord.” Because this is often a difficult distinction to make, Dawn Wilson gives us ten signs that show whether or not we love money.  
  5. 7 Important Money Moves to Make in the New Year, According to Financial Advisors by Holly Johnson. “Now that 2020 has arrived, it may be the perfect time to stop making excuses and start making moves…but which moves have the potential for the most impact?” Check out these seven important money moves to make in the new year, to help you reach your financial goals.

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