My 5 for Friday (January 25, 2019)

Can the rich and poor be generous alike? Why is it so important to learn to live below our means? And how can you become a better reader?

All these questions and more are answered in this week’s My 5 for Friday.

  1. A Generous Heart by Michael Jensen. It may feel like there’s not much in common between those who have little and those who have much. But Michael Jensen points out that anyone can be generous, no matter their wealth. He says, “Regardless of what kind of wealth God has granted you with, there is one thing both rich and poor Christians can do alike: give.” Check out this post to see what it looks like to have a generous heart.
  2. Why Giving Stays Strong While Attendance Drops in Churches by Sam Rainer. Is it possible that giving in a church can stay the same while attendance drops? And if so, how does that happen? In this article, Sam Rainer explains some factors that contribute to steady giving even in the midst of an attendance drop, along with the caution that “a church can become complacent since the money is there even when the people are not.”
  3. Ask Chuck: Stewardship And Living Beneath Your Means by Chuck Bentley. Stewardship is certainly learning to live below your means, but not limited to that. Check Bentley says that “Biblical stewardship is not ordering your life in such a way that you can spend money however you want; Biblical stewardship is ordering your life in such a way that God can spend you however He wants.” Keep reading for encouragement on why we should be stewarding well what we earn.
  4. “Whatever Your Life’s Work Is, Do It Well.” Martin Luther King Jr. on Work from Intersect Staff. In honor of Martin Luther King Jr., Intersect Project highlights for us some of his thoughts on working well. He says, “If it falls to your lot to be a street sweeper… sweep streets so well that all the host of Heaven and earth will have to pause and say, ‘Here lived a great street sweeper, who swept his job well.’” Read more for encouragement on working well for the glory of God.
  5. 10 Quick Tips To Help You Read More, Learn More and Grow More by Dan Reiland. You’ve heard it said before: Leaders are readers. If that’s the case, is it possible to grow in reading? Can you learn to read more and better? Dan Reiland offers 10 tips to help anyone grow in reading, which will hopefully translate into leadership growth. It’s worth reading.  

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