My 5 for Friday (January 3, 2020)

What should you consider when a missionary asks for money? What should you do with your Christmas bonus? And how can you become a better leader in 2020?

All these questions and more are answered in this week’s My 5 for Friday.

  1. Giving Can Make You Happy by Todd McMichen. Research shows there is a significant link between generosity and happiness, which leads Todd McMichen to ask the question: “How can we church leaders get on the same page with science and God’s design?” Keep reading for his thoughts on this question.  
  2. 5 Things to Consider When a Missionary Asks You for Money by Jason Ruch. Many missionaries rely on the financial support of churches and individual donors, which requires a lot of asking for money. Here, Jason Ruch points out five things to consider when a missionary asks for money, and how you can care for them whether you are able to give or not.  
  3. 10 Steps to Become a Better Leader in 2020 by Chuck Lawless. If you desire to grow as a leader in 2020, check out this post from Chuck Lawless where he offers ten steps towards becoming a better leader. Most importantly, he says to “Focus on nothing but being the leader God wants you to be.”
  4. Ask Chuck: What Should I Do With My Christmas Bonus? by Chuck Bentley. Many will receive a Christmas bonus this year and find themselves asking the question, “What should I do with it?” Here, Chuck Bentley offers a helpful framework to think about bonuses and how to decide where to use it.
  5. 4 Ways to Set Effective Goals for 2020 by Eric Geiger. “Goals can be helpful as they cause us to evaluate our lives, consider what is important to us, and decide what changes we need to make.” As you think through your goals for 2020, check out Eric Geiger’s helpful advice for how to set effective, meaningful goals for the new year.

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