My 5 for Friday (January 4, 2019)

How can you stick to your financial goals? What are some personal resolutions you can make for the benefit of others? And how should engaged couples begin to think about finances?

All these questions and more are answered in this week’s My 5 for Friday.

  1. New Year Retirement Stewardship 10-Point Check-Up by Chris Cagle. The new year offers a great excuse to check in on some of your retirement goals. You can celebrate the progress made over the past year as well as continue to make plans to grow your retirement account in the next year. Check out this 10-point check in from Chris Cagle on the areas you might want to consider evaluating.
  2. Why You Need a Financial Fast from Seedtime. If you ever find yourself saying, “there’s no way I could live without ______”, maybe it’s time to consider a financial fast. Seedtime shares that “A financial fast is your declaration of freedom from money and acknowledgment of your dependence on God.” Keep reading for suggestions of what this could look like.
  3. Ask Chuck: Setting Financial Goals For The New Year (And How To Reach Them) by Chuck Bentley. You know you need financial goals. Maybe you’ve even made them already. Now comes the hardest part of sticking to them. Check out this article from Chuck Bentley where he offers some helpful advice on what it looks like to keep working towards your financial goals, even when you’re tempted to give up.
  4. 11 Ways Engaged Couples Should Deal with Finances Now by Deepak Reju. Money is one of the top reasons cited for marital stress. So what can engaged couples be doing now that will promote financial health in their marriage? Deepak Reju offers 11 suggestions including the encouragement that “Your finances are God-given means of building unity.”
  5. 7 New Year Resolutions Which Could Change Your World by Ron Edmondson. When it comes to New Year resolutions, they’re often pretty self-focused. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but have you thought about improvements you could make that would benefit others? Ron Edmondson gives us seven areas we can all be encouraged to work on for the sake of others.

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