My 5 for Friday (July 7, 2017)

How can you engage the Millennial giver? What are some signs that you may have a culture problem in your organization? And what are a few myths about credit cards?

These questions and more are answered in this week’s My 5 for Friday.

  1. Three Ways to Engage the Millennial Giver in Your Church by Generis. Many churches are wondering how to better engage Millennials. In this post, Generis focuses on the Millennial giver. The provide three suggestion for reaching this demographic.
  2. 4 Ways To Move Beyond Stagnation In A Ministry Role by Jeremiah Ravindranath. Do you feel like you have become stagnant in your ministry? It is a place where nobody likes to find themselves. In this post, Jeremiah Ravindranath share how you can break through this place of stagnation.
  3. 5 Signs You Have a Serious Culture Problem by Selma Wilson. Leaders often overlook organizational culture. This is a mistake. Culture can have a profound impact on employee performance and retention. In this post, Selma Wilson identifies a few signs that your organization may have a serious culture problem.
  4. 2 Big Reminders from 2 Weeks with Lots of Kids by Eric Geiger. Do you have children? Or do you work with children? In this post, Eric Geiger reminds us of a couple realities that we often forget—they understand more than we realize, and they remind us how to respond to God.
  5. 3 Myths About Owning a Credit Card by Chris Brown. Financial myths are prevalent. And credit cards seems to be a prime target. In this post, Chris Brown dispels a few myths that surround the ownership of a credit card.

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