My 5 for Friday (June 15, 2018)

What are the basics of investing? What part does humility play in generosity? And what are some common characteristics of great leaders?

These questions and more are answered in this week’s My 5 for Friday.

  1. 3 Times My Leader Frustrated Me To Help Me (A Millennial’s Insights) by Kevin Jennings. Sometimes it takes frustration to reveal areas of needed growth. Kevin Jennings reflects on his own frustrations as a young leader and encourages others to “take advantage of your season to be a follower. This is a priceless opportunity for you to prepare for the realities of leadership without the pressures of being the leader.” Keep reading for encouragement in humility in leadership.
  2. Ask Chuck: The Power Of Humble Generosity by Chuck Bentley. Generosity requires humility. In this article, Chuck Bentley points out that an important factor in generosity is saying “no to things of today so we have money to invest for tomorrow. We have to be reminded daily that God owns all that we have.” With this mindset comes the power to give generously.
  3. 7 Suggestions for Asking More Powerful Questions by Michael Hyatt. Oftentimes we can associate strong leaders with always having the right answer. But Michael Hyatt argues that “Leadership is less about having the right answers and more about having the right questions.” How can you know if you’re asking the right questions? Check out this article for suggestions on how to ask more powerful questions.
  4. The Basics a College Student Should Know About Investing by Denise Dye. Most people know that investing their money is a good idea, but the reality is that sometimes “the thought of investing can sound difficult, grown up, and overwhelming.” How can someone know where to start? Denise Dye offers practical starting points for someone looking to start investing their money.
  5. 10 Common Characteristics of the Top Ten Leaders I’ve Ever Worked With by Chuck Lawless. Good leaders come in a lot of different varieties, but it’s undeniable that there are some common characteristics among the best leaders. In this post, Chuck Lawless lays out ten commonalities he’s found in the top leaders he’s worked with. Take a look to see areas that are worth cultivating as a leader.

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