My 5 for Friday (June 16, 2017)

How do you get your team going in the same direction? What do you do when things are not going well? And is it okay to tithe your time instead of money?

These questions and more are answered in this week’s My 5 for Friday.

  1. How to Lead Your Team in the Same Direction by Dan Reiland. Sometimes, a leader can have a difficult time leading their team in the same direction. Dan Reiland says, “Strong teams that function well are both mature and unified.” Here are three things to do to lead your team together and stronger.
  2. How Leaders Encourage Cooperation on a Team by Ron Edmondson. Cooperation is something that every leader would like to have on their team. Ron Edmondson says, “All leaders want their teams to cooperate. It builds stronger teams when people aren’t on islands to themselves.” Here is how collaboration can lead to cooperation.
  3. 5 Things to Do When Things Aren’t Going Well by Selma Wilson. No one likes to admit that things aren’t going well. Selma Wilson says, “Whatever the hard thing is in your life or work, it needs to be faced or the consequences will only get worse, not better.” Here are five things to do when things aren’t going well.
  4. Is It Okay to Give My Time Instead of My Money? by Chris Brown. Can someone give their time to God instead of money? Chris Brown says, “Giving your time is a great way to honor God and show love to others. But you can’t give your time instead of giving your tithe.” Check out why these are two different types of worship.
  5. 2 Steps To Quit Worrying About Money by Chuck Bentley. Do you find yourself worrying about finances? Chuck Bentley says, “Worrying about money is an epidemic. But worrying changes nothing. In fact, it is sin.” Here are two steps to quit worrying about money.

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