My 5 for Friday (June 21, 2019)

What are some pitfalls that lead to the love of money? How can you max out your retirement contributions? And what should you know about the latest ruling on pastors’ housing allowances?

All these questions and more are answered in this week’s My 5 for Friday.

  1. Pastors’ Housing Allowance Avoids Supreme Court Challenge by Aaron Earls. “Pastors can rest a little easier in their homes today knowing they or their churches won’t have to pay any additional taxes on their residences—for now.” Check out this article for the details on the court’s latest ruling regarding housing allowances.
  2. 4 Dangerous Attitudes that Sway Our Hearts Toward the Love of Money by Paul David Tripp. “Money problems are always heart problems; they’re deeper than the size of our paycheck and the specificity of our budget.” Here, Paul David Tripp shows us four common pitfalls where we are tempted to become lovers of money.
  3. These tips will help you max out your retirement contributions this year by Lorie Konish. Did you know that “The IRS has raised the limits for what you can put away in pre-tax retirement savings account this year”? How can you use this to your advantage? Check out these suggestions form Lorie Konish on how to max out your retirement contributions.
  4. 10 Sets of Words We Often Confuse in Leadership by Ron Edmondson. Words matter. And it can be difficult to see where we might associate some words with others without even realizing it. Here, Ron Edmondson points out ten sets of words that are often confused in leadership, but need to be distinguished. Check it out.
  5.  5 Ways To Discern A Leaders Dilemma: “Good Enough Or Your Very Best?” by Dan Reiland. With so many tasks demanding our time and energy, should everything we do be done to our very best? Or is it sometimes okay to do something “good enough”? And how do you decide? Dan Reiland offers some categories to help discern the answers to these questions that I find helpful.

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