My 5 for Friday (March 2, 2018)

How do leaders disqualify themselves? How can you improve the health of your staff? And what is convenience costing you?

These questions and more are answered in this week’s My 5 for Friday.

  1. 6 Questions for Better Staff Health by Tony Morgan. How important is the health of your staff and staff culture? Especially if things seem to be getting done or your church seems to be growing? According to Tony Morgan, it is very important. He writes, “If you don’t know where your staff stands in regards to health and culture, the conversation needs to begin as soon as possible.” Check out these 6 questions in moving towards a healthy staff and culture.
  2. 3 Common Ways Leaders Disqualify Themselves by Eric Geiger. The role of leadership is no small task, but don’t let the pressure of the position cause you to make a mistake in which there’s no going back. According to Eric Geiger, “Leaders seem to be disqualifying themselves at alarming rates, and if you disqualify yourself from leading, one of these three failures will be true…” Look here for three common ways leaders disqualify themselves.
  3. 5 Quick Ways To Turn A Situation Around When It Blows Up In Your Face by Carey Nieuwhof. How do you react when the unexpected happens? The bad kind of unexpected. Often we tend to focus on the negative and blame shift, ultimately wasting time. In this post, Carey Nieuwhof encourages us to “Focus on what you CAN control, not on what you can’t.” He gives us five quick ways to turn a situation around when it blows up in your face.
  4. When God’s Plan Includes Pain by Chuck Lawless. Are you walking through a hard season and struggling to see God’s hand in it? Chuck Lawless writes, “Despite what some may teach, God’s plan does not always bring health and wealth.” If you are in the midst of pain, you are not alone. Find encouragement in this post.
  5. The Cost of Convenience by Arielle Vogel. Subscription services provide a level of convenience that now many consumers think they can’t live without. But are unnecessary subscriptions harming your financial goals? Arielle Vogel writes, “There are two sides to every coin, and I don’t think this “Subscription Economy” is exempt.” Take a minute to evaluate this cost of convenience.

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