My 5 for Friday (March 20, 2020)

How can you love your neighbor in an economic crisis? Will the coronavirus impact your finances? And how can you protect your retirement from market swings?

All these questions and more are answered in this week’s My 5 for Friday.

  1. Anchors in the Storm by Matt Bell. “With so much stock market turmoil and economic uncertainty swirling about, now more than ever we need the reassurance and guidance of God’s eternal Word.” In these uncertain times, God’s word is the anchor we can cling to when we’re tempted to worry. Check out Matt Bell’s encouragement from scripture on how to weather financial storms.
  2. Love in an Economic Crisis by Justin Lonas. “The virus has required us to change our social behaviors for the sake of the most vulnerable among us. We should consider doing the same with our economic behavior.” Rather than giving into panic and self-protection, Justin Lonas encourages the church to look for extravagant ways to be generous to the church and community, so that we may “be known for our love in these times.”
  3. Ask Chuck: Will the Coronavirus Impact My Finances? by Chuck Bentley. The reality of the coronavirus’ effect on the economy is undeniable, so how should we respond? While offering readers practical advice on how to live with wisdom, Chuck Bentley gives this reminder: “Rather than get caught up in the spread of fear, trust in the Lord who is bigger than any virus.”
  4. How Your Church Can Bring Stability to the Community During COVID-19 by Josh King. “Practice generosity whenever possible.” This advice from Josh King reminds us of the opportunities the church has to serve the community in unique and necessary ways during the COVID-19 crisis. Whether it be giving funds, collecting food donations, or supporting local businesses, there are multiple ways your church can bring stability to the community in this time.  
  5. Three Steps to Protect Your Retirement from Coronavirus Market Swings by Carla Fried. If you’re at retirement age, Carla Fried validates some concerns regarding recent market swings. She says, “For retirees, the rallying cry that market sell offs are an opportunity to buy cheaper shares can ring a bit hollow.” Check out her three steps towards protecting your retirement from these market swings.

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