My 5 for Friday (March 3, 2017)

What is the danger of not listening? How can you prepare yourself for random acts of kindness? And what are some financial tips for newlyweds?

These questions and more are answered in this weeks My 5 for Friday.

  1. 10 Old Testament Verses that Challenge Me as a Church Leader by Chuck Lawless. As leaders, we ought to seek counsel from God’s Word every day. Chuck Lawless says, “As a church leader, I daily need the truth of God’s Word to guide me and give me hope.” Here are ten Old Testament verses that will challenge you as a church leader.
  2. Three Distractions that Pull Us Off the Wall by Kevin Campbell. Leaders constantly have people requesting time from them. Kevin Campbell says, “All throughout your ministry you will have everything you can imagine pulling for your attention.” Here are three distractions that pull us away from our ultimate purpose.
  3. 4 Dangers of Not Listening by Selma Wilson. Leaders must be able to speak with conviction and clarity. However, sometimes we speak so much that we drown everyone else out. Selma Wilson says, “The truth is that your voice is only as strong as your ability to listen.” Here are four dangers of not listening.
  4. How to be Ready for Random Acts of Kindness by Chris Brown. You may want to be the hands and feet of Jesus, but are you in a place financially to be generous? Chris Brown says, “Sometimes being generous calls for more than a compassionate heart and kind word.” Here are a few ways to be ready for random acts of kindness.
  5. 5 Financial Tips for Newlyweds by Chuck Bentley. Newlyweds have much to learn in a very quick period of time. Unfortunately, financial matters get put on the back burner. Chuck Bentley says, “There is so much freedom when spouses are united around what the Bible says about money and setting proper goals.” Here are five financial tips for newlyweds.

How to Say “No” Without Being a Jerk

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