My 5 for Friday (March 8, 2019)

Where should you begin giving? What unseen traits make leaders great? And how should we think about tithing?

All these questions and more are answered in this week’s My 5 for Friday.

  1. Why I Don’t See Tithing as the Pinnacle of Christian Virtue, OR as Something Legalistic by Randy Alcorn. Many believers aren’t sure how to handle tithing. Is it required of us? Is it not? Randy Alcorn challenges the reader with this thought: “Now that we’re under the grace of Jesus and have the indwelling Holy Spirit and live in this incredibly affluent culture, do you think He would expect less of us?”
  2. Where to Begin Giving by Michael Blue. There are no shortage of opportunities to give, and sometimes this reality can be overwhelming when it comes to a decision point of where you’ll give your money. Here, Michael Blue offers a helpful, biblical perspective when it comes to where you should prioritize your giving. It’s worth reading.
  3. 7 Unspoken, Unseen Leadership Traits That Make Leaders Great by Ron Edmondson. There are many obvious qualities that contribute to great leadership, but what are some areas that often go unseen? Ron Edmondson argues that “Leading well means sometimes what a leader does when the team’s back is turned is more important than what they do in the team’s presence.”
  4. Discipleship Dynamite: How Capital Campaigns Can Be A Win-Win by Greg Gibbs. Is it possible that capital campaigns can feed discipleship in your church? Greg Gibbs points out that “Campaigns force each of us as congregation members to ask, ‘What am I investing my life in? Is it a mission worth my life?’” Keep reading to consider how a capital campaign can be a win-win with discipleship.
  5. 5 Simple Ways to Assess the Effectiveness of Your Leadership by Carey Nieuwhof. External assessments are easy to come by, but aren’t always convenient. So how can you regularly self-evaluate your leadership effectiveness rather than wait for a quarterly review? Carey Nieuwhof offers five simple questions to ask yourself as seek to grow as a leader. Check it out.  

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