My 5 for Friday (May 24, 2019)

Should married couples have a joint bank account? What do pastors need to know about the church budget? And what are some harsh realities of leadership?

All these questions and more are answered in this week’s My 5 for Friday.

  1. 5 Things Every Pastor Needs to Know About the Church Budget by Jamie Dunlop. Church budgets reveal a church’s values. Jamie Dunlop points out that “A church’s philosophy of ministry is locked into its budget, and so your budget will either stifle or accelerate any attempts to move your congregation toward a biblical model of church health.” Check it out.
  2. Giving Heroes in Genesis by Todd McMichen. The importance of generosity is woven all throughout scripture, and here, Todd McMichen points out a handful of examples we can find starting off in the book of Genesis. Check out this article to see examples of how God shows us to give starting from the beginning.
  3. Ask Chuck: Should My Wife And I Have A Joint Bank Account? by Chuck Bentley. Those getting married are faced with the choice of whether or not to join bank accounts. Is this wise? Foolish? Chuck Bentley says that, “When finances are kept separate, a “his-money-her-money” philosophy develops which can lead to a “him-versus-her” mentality. This should not be present in marriage.”
  4. 10 Harsh Realities of Leadership I have Experienced by Ron Edmondson. There are many great things that can come from leading others, but there are often some harsh realities associated with it too. Here, Ron Edmondson points out some of the hard realities he’s experienced and how to not let them discourage you from leading well.
  5. 12 Things Good Christian Leaders Can Name Quickly by Chuck Lawless. It’s easy to get caught off guard by a question when it’s concerning an area in your life you’ve neglected. Chuck Lawless gives us twelve questions that good Christian leaders will be ready with an answer for because they’re faithfully practicing those things in their life.

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