My 5 for Friday (November 1, 2019)

How can you manage a church budget shortfall? What are some signs of greed? And how can you calculate your real hourly wage?

All these questions and more are answered in this week’s My 5 for Friday.

  1. How Can I Know if I’m Being Greedy? by Justin Lonas. “Seeking a definition of sin from extreme cases… lets most of us off the hook, since we don’t feel greedy—even as we mirror the same attitudes and habits on a smaller scale.” Check out Justin Lonas’ article on how you can identify greed in your own heart.
  2. 5 Tips for Managing a Church Budget Shortfall by Joy Allmond. Church budget shortfalls will likely happen at some point for any church. So how should you respond? Keep reading to see five tips from Josh King and Sam Rainer on managing a church budget shortfall and creating a strategy for moving forward.
  3. 5 Leadership Lies We Are Tempted To Believe by Dan Reiland. There are certain lies that are particularly tempting to believe in leadership. Dan Reiland points out some of these lies that can easily inform a leader’s way of thinking. Check it out.  
  4. Six Lessons on Ministry Pay We Are Learning from Retiring Boomer Pastors by Thom Rainer. As Thom Rainer has interacted with many retired, Baby Boomer pastors, he has gathered some lessons we can take away from their experience. He gives the encouragement for pastors to “Learn these lessons from your fellow Boomer pastors who are retirement age. Learn and apply their lessons before it’s too late for you.”
  5. How to calculate your real hourly wage by Bob Lotich. Have you ever thought about finding your real hourly wage? While it may seem like a simple calculation, Bob Lotich points out a variety of factors that should be considered as you are calculating your real hourly wage.

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