My 5 for Friday (November 16, 2018)

Are Christians required to tithe? Where are your spending leaks? And why is it important for leaders to be humble?

All these questions and more are answered in this week’s My 5 for Friday. 

  1. Breakthrough Financial Leadership by Todd McMichen. You want to create a culture of generosity and financial stewardship in your church, but you know this is going to require you to lead the way. What should it look like? Todd McMichen reflects on the strengths he saw in different leadership styles through different organizations, and compiles it so you can see what breakthrough financial leadership could look like. Check it out.
  2. 7 Reasons Christians Are Not Required to Tithe by Thomas Schreiner. In this article, Thomas Schreiner looks at Scripture and concludes that Christians are not required to tithe. So what does that mean for our giving? He says, “Since God is to be our treasure, believers are to give generously and freely. For many in the West, this will mean giving more than 10 percent.” Tithing without obligation causes us to examine our hearts as we give rather than checking it off a list.
  3. The “Softer” Side of Leadership May Be Stronger Than You Think by Dan Reiland. When you hear the word “leader,” typically images of strength and confidence come to mind. But are these qualities incompatible with humility and sacrifice? Dan Reiland points out that they’re not only compatible, but that “tough-minded leaders must also be tender-hearted, or their leadership becomes cold and hard.” Keep reading to see how the “softer” side of leadership is actually a strength.
  4. Spot Your Spending Leaks from Brightpeak Financial. Are you surprised each month by the amount of expenses you’ve accumulated, but can’t seem to figure out where it’s going? Check out this article from Brightpeak Financial where they help you spot some potential spending leaks so that you can put a plug in it and get back on track.
  5. 5 Possible Reasons Potential Leaders Aren’t Leading by Ron Edmondson. Are you or someone you know wanting and waiting for leadership opportunities, but feel they’re just not coming along like they’d hoped? Here, Ron Edmondson offers some potential reasons why this might be the case as well as some encouragement on what to do in the meantime. In short, start leading where you are.

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