My 5 for Friday (November 17, 2017)

What can you do when you have doubts? Why is it so tough to wait on God? And how can cars impact your financial freedom?

These questions and more are answered in this week’s My 5 for Friday.

  1. When A Leader Has Doubts by Dan Reiland. Everyone goes through moments, or even seasons, of doubt. What are the root causes of doubt, and how do we overcome them? Dan Reiland writes, “You can’t win the battle if you don’t own the issues.” Don’t miss this post. Regardless of if you are a leader or not, this post applies to everyone.
  2. 4 Ways Leaders Can Express Gratitude to Those They Manage by Eric Geiger. Do the people you lead feel appreciated? How can someone improve in this area of leadership? Checkout this post for four ways leaders can express gratitude to those they manage.
  3. 8 Reasons It’s Tough to Wait on God by Chuck Lawless. Waiting is hard. And most of us are not good at it. But as Chuck Lawless writes, “The biblical recognition that we sometimes must wait on God is clear.” So why do we struggle with this so much? Checkout this post for eight reasons it’s tough to wait on God.
  4. Five Reasons to NOT Launch a Traditional Church Capital Campaign by Generis. Is your church preparing for a capital giving campaign? Have you considered other options to encourage generosity in your church? According to the Generis team, “A One Fund initiative creates a “longer tail of generosity” as the initiative focuses more on the heart change of the giver, rather than on the need of the church to fund a project.” Here are five reasons to not launch a traditional church capital campaign.
  5. How Cars Affect your Financial Freedom by  SEEDTIME. Is your car payment hurting your ability to live with financial freedom? Bob at SEEDTIME writes, “The thing I have noticed is that so many people give up financial freedom for their whole lives solely because of the decisions they make with their cars.” Read this post to find out how cars affect your financial freedom and how you can make wiser decisions in the future.

3 Dangers of Long-Term Car Loans

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