My 5 for Friday (November 18, 2016)

What are some misconceptions that cause leaders to derail? How do you encourage your church to give generously? And what are a few ways you can minister to restaurant servers?

These questions and more are answered in this week’s My 5 for Friday.

  • 7 Misconceptions that Cause Leaders to Derail by Dan Reiland. Many leaders have misconceptions that they take with them into their roles. Dan Reiland says, “If not corrected, these mistaken leadership beliefs become practices and end up as harmful habits.” Here are seven misconceptions that cause leaders to derail.
  • 4 Ways to Fight Laziness in Ministry by Eric Geiger. Most people have a tendency to fall into one of two categories: being a workaholic, or being lazy. Eric Geiger says, “Because all of us are prone to idolatry, we are likely more prone to one expression of sin than the other.” Here are four ways to fight laziness in ministry.
  • True Leadership Is Sacrifice, Not Privilege by David Mathis. How does the world view leaders? Most people would say leaders have achieved ultimate success and the right to be king of the hill. However, David Mathis says, “Christian leadership is fundamentally about giving, not taking.” Here is why true leadership is sacrifice, not privilege.
  • Seven Ways to Equip Your Church to Give Generously by Sam Rainer. How can you equip your church to give generously? Sam Rainer says, “Large or small, every church can be a resource giant for God’s kingdom. Rich or poor, every Christian can give sacrificially.” Here are seven ways to equip your congregation for generosity.
  • 5 Ways to Minister to Restaurant Servers by Trevor Forbis. Every time you go out to eat, God gives you a ministry opportunity. Trevor Forbis says, “As Christians, we have amazing opportunities to be salt and light to our world, including in our favorite restaurants.” Here are five ways to minister to restaurant servers.

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