My 5 for Friday (November 22, 2019)

When should you buy a new car? What are some simple steps to start saving? And how can you sow a culture of thankfulness and generosity?

All of these questions and more are answered in this week’s My 5 for Friday.

  1. Simple Savings Steps by Jaymie Koehler. “Saving money is a lifetime endeavor.” In order to save well for the future, you need to start now. Jaymie Koehler offers four smalls ways to start saving now in order to build the habit of saving well.
  2. 12 Side Hustles That Pay Well by Bob Lotich. If you’re looking to make some extra money on the side, there are plenty of opportunities out there that pay well. Here, Bob Lotich gives several options you might consider that could help create more margin in your finances.
  3. Ask Chuck: When Should I Buy a New Car? by Chuck Bentley. When is the right time to buy a new car? Chuck Bentley gives some suggestions on how to think through purchasing a new car, and reminds the reader to not get swept up in the emotion of the decision. Check it out.
  4. 3 Ways To Sow a Culture of Thankfulness and Generosity by Rob Hurtgen. “The spiritual disciplines of giving thanks and practicing generosity apply the gospel to our lives and combat the lack of thanksgiving that can fester in our hearts.” Keep reading to see Rob Hurtgen’s suggestions on how to cultivate gratitude which leads to generosity in our churches.
  5. What Americans really want for the holidays is to pay down debt by Jessica Dickler. “The vast majority, or roughly 70%, of adults are stressed about the upcoming holiday season, mostly thanks to money woes.” In spite of this stress, Americans are still predicted to spend more this holiday season than in the past. Check out this article, and evaluate how you can cut back on expenses and stress this holiday season.

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