My 5 for Friday (November 30, 2018)

How can you save more money without making more money? What should leaders do when they’re worried? And how can pastors teach and model financial stewardship?

All these questions and more are answered in this week’s My 5 for Friday. 

  1. The Single Best Way to Fully Motivate Your Team by Carey Nieuwhof. Leaders carry the sometimes difficult task of figuring out how to best motivate their team. Carey Nieuwhof shares that, “In an ever-changing culture and workplace, the future belongs to leaders who value both results and relationships.” Keep reading to see how you can fully motivate your team.
  2. How Pastors Can Model and Teach What God’s Word Says About Financial Stewardship by Randy Alcorn. It’s safe to say that most people learn best by example. Randy Alcorn asks: “If we fail to teach biblical stewardship and radical generosity in our churches, why should we be surprised that so few Christians appear to be practicing them?” Financial stewardship needs to be taught as well as modeled, so keep reading to see what this could look like in your church.
  3. 5 Ways to Meet Needs of Single Parents During the Christmas Season by Carmen Dillon. It’s easy to get caught up in the busyness of the holiday season, but don’t let that prevent you from seeing those who could benefit from your generosity. Here, Carmen Dillon offers some practical ways that you can help meet the needs of single parents during Christmas, whether it be with your time or your money.
  4. 7 Words for Leaders Who Worry by Ron Edmondson. Leaders are not immune to worry. So how should they respond when they’re consumed with anxiety? Check out this post from Ron Edmondson where he shares seven practical ways to respond to the worry a leader may be experiencing as well as needed truth to remember in the midst of it. It’s worth checking out.
  5. How to Find a Surplus Without Making More Money by Leo Sabo. How can you save more money without making more money? Leo Sabo offers the encouragement that not only is saving more possible, “the good news is it’s already in your possession, you just need to find it.” Take a look at this post to see where you could be finding a surplus with what you’re already making.

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