My 5 for Friday (November 8, 2019)

What are the worst money mistakes you can make? How do you prepare for a recession? And how can you add margin in your day?

These questions and more are answered in this week’s My 5 for Friday.

Our 5 Worst Money Mistakes by Bob Lotich. Learning from others’ financial mistakes can save you some pain and frustration in the long run. Take some time to learn from Bob Lotich and his wife on what financial mistakes they’ve made how they would approach it differently next time. 

Ask Chuck: 4 Steps to Prepare for a Recession by Chuck Bentley. The thought of an economic recession can send many into panic. Chuck Bentley suggests when “anticipating a recession, we can set goals, make clear plans and escape emotionally-driven decisions made in fear.” Keep reading to see what these plans should look like.

8 Ways to Add Margin to Your Day by Ron Edmondson. No matter how hard you try, having margin in your day often feels like a pipe dream. Here, Ron Edmondson points out that it’s not too far-fetched, and is possible to achieve, as long as you take a step back and evaluate the things that go into your schedule.  

3 Things That Will Happen Naturally to Your Team This Week by Eric Geiger. “Organizations and ministries drift away from mission, not towards it.” In order to fight this drift, Eric Geiger points out three things that will naturally occur on your team, and how to combat it. 

5 Church Salary Tips for Small Churches by Tim Stevens. “As a small church, it’s hard to know what hires to make, and deciding on a salary for those hires makes the decision making process even more difficult.” Check out Tim Stevens tips on how to determine salary decisions in a small church. 

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