My 5 for Friday (October 18, 2019)

Are you ready to start investing? What does it take to hire great leaders? And how can you increase giving in your church?

All these questions and more are answered in this week’s My 5 for Friday.

  1. So You Want to Start Investing… by Courtney Sackett. How can you determine if you’re ready to start investing? Courtney Sackett advises that we should “Think of investing as hiking a mountain–it’s a journey, a process, and a bit of a tough climb. When you choose to invest, you’re in it for the long haul.” Keep reading to see if you’re ready to start investing.
  2. The Art of Hiring Great Leaders by Dan Reiland. When it comes to making a new hire, many factors need to be considered. Dan Reiland says “Building a great team is an art. You will make mistakes, I have, but there is much you can do that will help you choose wisely.” Check out his thoughts on the art of hiring great leaders.
  3. Increasing Creativity and Innovation on a Tight Budget by Ron Edmondson. A small budget can often feel very restricting, but Ron Edmondson argues that “Tight budgets cause us to look for ways to accomplish our mission for less,” which can lead to increased creativity and innovation.
  4. 14 Ways to Increase Giving in Your Church by Chuck Lawless. “From my first paycheck as a grocery stocker at age 16 to today, I still hear my pastor say, ‘Give God the first part, and trust Him with the rest.’” Here, Chuck Lawless recounts how he was first taught to give, and in turn, how he now encourages churches in practical ways to increase giving.  
  5. Five things you never need to buy new (the savings will blow you away) by Jill Cornfield. Buying new comes with a price, and it’s worth considering what areas you could either purchase used or rent to save money. Jill Cornfield highlights five things you never need to buy new, and shows how much money you could be saving in the process.

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