My 5 for Friday (October 19, 2018)

How can you stretch yourself as a leader? What are the pros and cons of loan consolidation? And what are some ways you can express generosity without money?

All these questions and more are answered in this week’s My 5 for Friday. 

  1. 4 Creative Ways to Be Generous by Kristen Wetherell. While we’re all called to give generously, does that just mean financially? Or at there other ways in which we should be generous? In this article, Kristen Wetherell offers up some creative ways to be generous with or without money. It’s worth reading.
  2. Pros & Cons to Loan Consolidation by Brooke Fitch. Maybe you find yourself in a place considering whether or not to consolidate your loans. Brooke Fitch points out that “the definition of loan consolidation sounds pretty good but there are always two sides of the story.” Check out this post to see both sides of the story.
  3. 7 Ways to Stretch Yourself as a Leader by Ron Edmondson. “If you can’t keep up with the speed of change, and adapt accordingly you’ll have a harder time advancing in your career in the future.” So, how can leaders grow in adaptability in order to keep up? Check out this post where Ron Edmondson shares how you can stretch yourself as a leader.
  4. The Biggest Challenge With Salaries In Growing Churches – And How To Address It by Jennifer Winge. A growing church is something to be celebrated, and with that also comes the need for more staff. How can you determine the salaries needed for a growing church team? Check out this post by Jennifer Winge to see how you can be thinking wisely about your staff’s salaries.
  5. How to Uncover the Values in Your Culture by Eric Geiger. “Wise leaders don’t declare values; they uncover the values that are already there.” So how do you go about uncovering the values in your culture? Check out this article from Eric Geiger where he lays out three ways discover your culture’s values and how that will feed your strategy.

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