My 5 for Friday (October 26, 2018)

How can you build trust among your team? Why is end-of-year giving important? And what good can come from financial mistakes?

All these questions and more are answered in this week’s My 5 for Friday. 

  1. Tips for Year-End Giving by Bill High. The time of year is quickly approaching where many people will be ready and looking for opportunities to give. What are some ways to engage these givers? Looking at years’ past giving statistics, Bill High offers some tips for end of year giving strategies.
  2. Ask Chuck: Good Financial Lessons From Bad Mistakes by Chuck Bentley. “Financial mistakes can be a severe mercy God uses to reveal the idols, self-indulgence, or wrong attitudes about money that we have allowed to control our lives.” Financial mistakes are not beyond redemption, and here Chuck Bentley shows how we can learn from these mistakes and move towards financial health. It’s worth reading.
  3. 7 Simple Practices for Building Trust in Your Team by Heather Zempel. “Building culture is one of the most significant and critical roles of a leader, and trust is the cornerstone of a healthy culture.” Building trust requires intentionality on the part of a leader. Check out this article from Heather Zempel for seven practical steps towards building trust among your team.
  4. 6 Practices to Improve Your Leadership Creativity by Dan Reiland. It’s common for leaders to find themselves in a rut when it comes to creativity. Here, Dan Reiland offers six ways you can improve your leadership creativity so you can avoid the pitfall of “having your back tires stuck in the mud, spinning but going nowhere.”
  5. Where’s My Money! by Nathan Parr. When it comes to updating your facilities, the initial investment required can seem difficult to justify. So how do you determine if the investment is worth it? Nathan Parr shares that knowing how to calculate the ROI is crucial. Check out this article so you can be better prepared for making this type of investment decision.

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