My 5 for Friday (September 1, 2017)

What warning signs do aspiring leaders need to notice? How can you become rich? And How can you save $1,000 by Christmas?

These questions and more are answered in this week’s My Five for Friday.

  1. 7 Warnings for Aspiring Leaders by Ron Edmondson. Are you a young leader that often finds yourself lacking for wisdom over crucial decisions? Ron Edmondson, speaking from personal experience says, “I’ve made more mistakes in leadership than I’ve had success.” Check out this post, and heed Edmondson’s seven warnings for aspiring leaders.
  2. Why a Church Leader’s Private Sin Matters by Chuck Lawless. As a church leader, are you being held accountable in your private life? According to Chuck Lawless, “Even our private stuff matters as church leaders.” Don’t miss this post for eight reasons why a church leader’s private sin matters.
  3. How To Transition From Church Staff Member To Lead Pastor by Brian Dunks. If you have recently made an internal change in your church from staff member to lead pastor, while this is a blessing, it can also come with its challenges. Brian Dunks with the Vanderbloemen Group writes, “Internal promotions present unique dynamics and dilemmas that require careful navigation in order to move from co-worker and colleague to respected pastor and leader.” This post contains several helpful suggestions for how to transition from church staff member to lead pastor.
  4. How to become richer than Rockefeller by SEED TIME. We are all tempted at times to think the grass is greener on the other side. Somebody has something better, and we want it too. This mindset not only costs us financially, but also spiritually.  Bob at SEED TIME writes, “Grateful people divert their energy to seeing the good things they’ve been given rather than focusing on what they don’t have.” Don’t miss this eye-opening post on how to become richer than Rockefeller.
  5. The Real Secret to Saving Money by The Stewardship Team. Are you currently saving regularly, or do you think you must be at a certain pay grade before you start putting money away? In this post The Stewardship Team writes, “It doesn’t matter what you make—you can save money. It just has to become a big enough priority.” Check out this post for key advice on saving money.

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