My 5 for Friday (September 15, 2017)

How can you build credibility? How can you develop a vision that others want to chase? And how does God big leaders in small churches?

These questions and more are answered in this week’s My 5 for Friday.

  1. 7 Observations of Leading Change by Ron Edmondson. In order to lead your team well, you must be able to guide them through change.  Ron Edmondson writes, “As leaders, we are called to be agents of change. We are charged with taking people to places they may not be able to go on their own – or at least no one has taken the steps to get started.” Find out some of Edmondson’s observations on leading change here.
  2. 7 Small Ways Leaders Can Build Credibility by Eric Geiger. Does your team see you as a credible leader? Eric Geiger writes, “Credibility is absolutely essential in leadership. Without credibility your great ideas won’t be heard and your big plans won’t be embraced.” Check out this post for seven small ways leaders can build credibility.
  3. If You’re Tired of Doing Everything Yourself As a Leader, Read This by Carey NieuwhofAre you the type of leader that feels you need to do everything yourself? If so, you’re not alone. Speaking from personal experience, Carey Nieuwhof says, “I know as our church grew from a handful of people to over 1200 today, one of the hardest journeys for me as a leader was learning how to let go. But here’s the truth: if you won’t let go as a leader, your church will never grow.” Take a look at these five keys to letting go in order that you may grow as a leader.
  4. How To Develop A Compelling Vision For Your Organization by Jay Mitchell. A common, clear vision is crucial for any organization. Jay Mitchell with Vanderbloemen writes, “The right vision can capture hearts and mobilize people to action. The right vision can draw talent to your team that wants to be a part of it. And it can help you change the world as you pursue it.” See this post for how to develop a compelling vision for your organization.
  5. God Uses Big Leaders In Small Churches by Dan Reiland. Whether the church is large or small, the role of the church leader cannot be overstated. Dan Reiland states , “The leader sets the pace for the rest of the pack! He or she sets the vision, takes risks and influences the other leaders and volunteers.” Check out this post for six helpful words for leaders of small churches.

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