My 5 for Friday (September 22, 2016)

Why does your church staff need an office? How can you build your credibility as a leader? And would God ask you to take out a loan to pursue His call?

  1. 3 Places Where Leaders Must Be AT LEAST Average by Eric Geiger. Being a leader does not mean you will be good at everything. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. However, as Eric Geiger writes, “You must be at least average in important areas of your leadership or those weaknesses will overshadow your strengths.” Find out three areas leaders cannot afford to neglect in the post.
  2. 3 Reasons Why Your Church Staff Team Needs An Office by David Fantin. What is the value of having a common work space for church staff members? According to David Fantin with the Vanderbloemen Search Group, “If your team is working from home or satellite offices, they are left relying on their own ideation and creative ability, which can put some (or all) of your church in a toxic setting.” Take a look at this post for three suggestions as to why your church staff team needs an office.
  3. 10 “Word-based” Ways to Build Your Credibility as a Church Leader by Chuck Lawless. As a church leader, your congregation is looking to you for both godly wisdom and character. Chuck Lawless states, “When you genuinely andintensely know the Bible, people recognize it. They will trust you more if they believe you’re a person of the Word.” Check out this post for ten “word-based” ways to build your credibility as a church leader.
  4. Eight Traits of Outstanding Church Staff Members by Thom S. Rainer. A divided team rarely produces good results, and it is especially harmful within the life of the church. Thom Rainer writes, “Unity and love are imperative for church staff who serve together.” Refer to this post for eight traits of outstanding church staff members.
  5. Would God Ask You Into Debt to Answer His Call? by the Stewardship Team. Have you ever felt like God was calling you to do something, but your bank account didn’t live up to the calling? According to the Stewardship Team , “God would never put you in a position to be less generous or less able to answer His call—and going into debt does exactly that.” Check out this post for advice on what to do when the perceived “call” seems financially out of reach.

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