My 5 for Friday (September 6, 2019)

How can you avoid some big money mistakes? Is it possible to know God’s abundance when you’re broke? And what does contentment have to do with generosity?

All these questions and more are answered in this week’s My 5 for Friday.

  1. From Debt to Content: Seeing God’s Blessings While Giving Extravagantly by John Choquette. “Deborah learned firsthand that being financially responsible wasn’t just about creating a better future for yourself. It was about using what you’ve been given to help the community around you.” Check out this story of Deborah and Jim, and be encouraged to live generously, no matter the amount in your bank account.
  2. Discipling High Capacity Givers by Zach Terry. Many churches focus on assisting those who are financially struggling, which is needed, but often to the neglect of those who are affluent. After observing this himself, Zach Terry highlights some things he learned when he intentionally sought out the opportunity to disciple those who were affluent.
  3. Honest Advice for Young Leaders About a Dream Job by Dan Reiland. It’s normal to want to land your dream job as early in life as possible. But Dan Reiland points out that before getting your dream job, you have “to be willing to do what is required first, perhaps even for a long time.” Keep reading for encouragement on how to move towards your dream job.
  4. Here’s how to avoid some big money mistakes by Janet Alvarez. There are some money mistakes that leave behind a good deal of destruction, but Janet Alvarez points out that “mistakes are also an opportunity to improve our financial well-being, by teaching us how to make better money choices.” Here’s are some steps you can take to avoid some big money mistakes. 
  5. How to Discover God’s Abundance When You’re Broke by Caryn Rivadeneira. “Whether you’re experiencing a season of financial poverty or financial riches, God is with you and has something to teach you.” If this is true, then God wants to teach you when you’re broke as well. Check out Caryn Rivadeneira’s encouragement to seek God in the midst of financial stress.

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