My 5 for Friday (September 7, 2018)

Is a bigger staff team a better staff team? What makes up a positive work culture? And what does materialism reveal about the heart?

All these questions and more are answered in this week’s My 5 for Friday.

  1. Problems Develop When You Hire Too Many Staff by Tony Morgan. It’s easy to think the more people you have on a team, the more effective you’ll be. But does that really hold true? Tony Morgan points out his findings that “The staff teams at growing churches are 30 percent smaller than the staff teams at declining churches.” Check out this post to see his reasons as to why this might be.
  2. 10 Questions to Ask About Your Church Staff Meetings by Chuck Lawless. The familiarity of a weekly staff meeting can sometimes become a place where unhealthy patterns emerge without anyone noticing. If an outsider were invited to look in on your weekly staff meetings, what would they see? Chuck Lawless offers ten questions to evaluate your church staff meetings and their effectiveness.
  3. Combating A Toxic Culture: How To Engage And Inspire Your Team by Kendal Drinkwine. What makes a positive workplace culture? Where does it start? “It is up to organizational or team leaders to create an environment that is driven by excellence, mutual support, and positivity.” In this article, Kendal Drinkwine lays out five different ways to contribute to this type of culture and inspire your team. It’s worth reading.
  4. The Amount is NOT Important by Ron Blue. As believers, we are all stewards. Ron Blue points out that “We don’t become stewards when we pass a certain dollar amount in net worth; rather, by being God’s children, we are His stewards on Earth.” In this article, he points out the importance of taking time to evaluate what God has entrusted to you and making stewardship a priority.
  5. Releasing the Grip of Materialism by Jeremy Bell. It doesn’t take an expert to see that materialism is rampant in America. And we as believers need to be careful not give into the deceitful promises that it offers. Jeremy Bell says, “Combating materialism is essentially battling for the heart, and the only weapon with which to do battle is the good news of Jesus Christ.” Keep reading for encouragement in the battle.

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