My 5 for Friday (September 8, 2017)

Why do spiritual disciplines matter? Why should pastors pursue physical fitness? And how do you respond to unsolicited advice?

These questions and more are answered in this week’s My 5 for Friday.

  1. 6 Practices Toward a Healthy and Productive Organization by Dan Reiland. Leading an organization can be messy. Especially if you are in the habit of avoiding problems in hopes to smooth things over.  Dan Reiland writes, “Every church has flaws in their structure. Some get stuck in their flaws, others seem to operate well with them, while constantly working on making things better.” Take a look at his post for six practices toward a healthy and productive organization.
  2. 8 Reasons Spiritual Disciplines Matter by Chuck Lawless. As a church leader, where you place your dependence is crucial to your own life, as well as the lives of those you are leading. In this post, Chuck Lawless reminds us of the basic, but invaluable need for spiritual disciplines. He writes, “The best leaders of God’s church are those who lead from the overflow of their personal walk with Him. Apart from being with Him, we teach and lead in our own power – and that helps no one.” Don’t miss this post for eight reasons why spiritual disciplines matter.
  3. 5 Reasons Pastors Should Pursue Physical Fitness by Rusty Gates. In the busyness of life, things like physical fitness may be the last thing on your mind and the first thing to go. However, Rusty Gates with the Vanderbloemen Group says that “it is a vital aspect to the development of you and your staff team.” Check out this post for five reasons why church leaders should pursue physical fitness.
  4. A Better Way to Respond to Unsolicited Advice by Gavin Adams. Church leaders are frequently offered feedback or “suggestions” – sometimes welcome, sometimes not so welcome. Gavin Adams with TonyMorganLivewrites, “Ultimately, I think it’s extremely helpful for advice givers to know that, while I will hear them out, I might not do anything differently.” Consider his three suggestions when responding to unsolicited advice.
  5. 6 Ways to NOT Waste Your Budgeting Process by Eric Geiger. Developing a budget can seem daunting, tedious, and even pointless at times, depending on the financial environment. While acknowledging the fluid nature of unpredictable budgets, Eric Geiger writes on the importance of not throwing the budget out altogether. He states , “I would rather maximize it, make it fruitful, and ensure it is helpful to the team.” Take a look at this post to find out six ways notto waste your budgeting process.

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