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5 for Friday (December 3, 2021)

How can generosity change your family's celebration of Christmas? What are the basics of productivity? And how do you write a personal mission statement?

These questions and more are answered in this week's 5 for Friday.

1. How Could Generosity Change the Way You and Your Family Celebrate Christmas This Year by Randy Alcorn. Giving Tuesday started in response to the felt consumerism of Black Friday, to promote an attitude of giving in the holiday season. Let this be your attitude. Be generous with the intention of helping the Gospel to be heard and change the way your family understands the Christmas season.

2. How Christians Can Use Ordinary Moments to Show Hospitality by Mark Smith. Many times we don’t have margin in our lives to show hospitality. And its easy to choose our plans over the needs of another. As Christ followers, however, ordinary moments of schedule-disruption can be used by God for his own purposes. A story from David in 1 Samuel illustrates this truth.

3. There’s More to Retirement Stewardship Than Getting the Numbers Right by Chris Cagle. Using retirement for God’s glory requires more than a focus on money. Planning financially for retirement is necessary, but there are other unique challenges that come with the season. Sometimes this includes a crisis of identity and community and purpose. Retirement stewardship therefore must include consideration of physical health, relationships, and work.

4. Don’t Forget the Basics of Productivity by Chris Bailey. Chris Bailey offers practical advice for anyone who feels low energy levels are affecting their productivity. Energy helps us to do our work well. When it is low, our work quality suffers. Among other things listed here, consider exercising regularly, spending time in nature, adjusting the amount of sleep you are getting, or spending time with others to get a boost in energy.

5. How Do I Write a Personal Mission Statement? By John Piper. Listen or read the transcript of John Piper’s defense and description of a personal mission statement. God himself has purposes in everything he does. If we want our lives to take part in God’s purpose, a great first step is the intentional creation of a personal mission statement.


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