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5 for Friday (July 30, 2021)

What home buying myths waste time and money? What net worth do you need to retire? And how can you balance parenting and working from home?

These answers and more are found in this week's 5 for Friday.

1. 6 Home Buying Myths That Waste Time and Money by Leslie Cook. Its wise to seek advice when looking to buy a new home. But be careful, there are some myths out there that will work against you. Do you need a 20% down payment? Can you only buy a home if you have great credit? Leslie Cook guards against these myths and four others.

2. 9 Reasons to Pay Off Your Debt by Latoya Irby. Need some inspiration to keep chipping your debt away? Latoya Irby gives 9 reasons to keep going that will add fodder to the fire of debt-killing motivation! Freedom from debt increases financial security, reduces stress and bills, improves your credit score, and more. Use these as momentum to continue making progress with your debt.

3. Help Wanted: The Church and the Trades by Matt Rusten. The skilled trades (electricians, plumbers, and other mechanical, industrial, or building trades) are short-staffed in today’s economy. The Bible speaks in a dignified way about the trades, verifying the respect we feel for someone who would crawl under our home in the freezing cold to fix a busted pipe. The church should encourage and promote this kind of work.

4. What Net Worth Do You Need to Retire by Rachel Hartman. Calculating your net worth is a useful tool to set financial goals, especially when thinking about retirement. Rachel Hartman talks through calculating your net worth, as well as calculating a budget for retirement. Know that retirement spending comes largely from liquid assets (like cash and stocks) and that you will still need to stick to a budget.

5. How to Balance Parenting and Working from Home by Jackson Greer. Working from home is probably more common today than it was a year and a half ago. Parents working from home have the responsibility to balance work and family all in the same location. Creating new routines can help this difficult task. Make clear boundaries and a schedule. Set goals and plan regular breaks.


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