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My 5 for Friday (September 11, 2020)

Do you spend more than $4 on a single cup of coffee? Need helpful book suggestions for instilling a love for work in your children?

These questions and more are answered in this week’s My 5 for Friday.

1.Stories that will help your kids love work by Petar Nenadov. In this article, Nenadov lists 6 books that will help capture your child's imagination while also inspiring a deep love and understanding of hard work.

2. Do You Spend Like A Millennial? by Bob Lotich and Linda Lotich. In this fun article, the Lotiches delve into current statistics about millennial spending and determine whether or not they spend like millennials or old folks. As you read and laugh, ask yourself if you fit these spending trends.

3. Why Now May Be an Excellent Time to Be Generous by RonBlueTrust. This article lays out some of the top reasons why generosity is a good idea with the CARES Act and deduction incentives during this time.

4.Fall is the best season to get work done by Jeanette Settembre. According to studies by University of Toronto, late summer/fall is the time when people have greater focus and memory resulting in better productivity in the workplace.

5. Five Money Saving Tips for Parents by Cristin Howard. Howard provides five easy but helpful tips for how to save money with the extra costs of children. Including tips for grocery shopping, birthday parties, holidays, and childcare.

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