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My 5 for Friday (September 25, 2020)

What does spirituality have to do with civic duty? How "Christian" should your small business be?

These questions and more are answered in this week’s My 5 for Friday.

1. Study: The More Spiritual You Are, The More Of A Difference You Want To Make by Relevant Magazine. An interesting new study by The Fetzer Institute found that the more Spiritual someone claimed to be the more likely they were to play an external role in their local community by serving, volunteering, or giving financially.

2. Why faith communities are vital to the economic recovery by Matt Rustin. Rustin argues that it will be faith communities and churches who are active in restoring the economic disruption caused in local communities citing that, "faith communities in the United States contribute 1.2 trillion to the economy each year," and that is through their spheres of influences we will see the fruit of economic health.

3. Using Events to Raise Giving and Outreach by Todd McMichen. While there is trepidation on the part of churches in participating in fundraising events, McMichen reveals statistics about how many people actually attend these types of events and how helpful they can be for the local church.

4.How ‘Christian’ Should My Small Business Be? by Laura Baxter. In this article, Baxter evaluates which and to what degree, Christian practices, beliefs, and values should be employed in the workplace. Baxter encourages businesses to embody excellence, stand for integrity, all while sharing the gospel without showing partiality.

5. Everyone Wants to Buy a House Right Now. 9 Experts Predict How Long Demand Will Soar by Brenda Richardson. With home sales being up almost 11% over last year (despite Covid-19) Richardson gets 9 different experts opinions on how the remainder of the year will go for the housing industry.


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