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My Five for Friday (July 17, 2020)

Need to make side cash and have an abundance of books lying around? Struggling to make it through the monotony of everyday faithfulness?

These questions and more are answered in this week’s My 5 for Friday.

1.Finding Contentment in a Materialistic World by ChristianStewardshipNetwork. This article points out the subversive ways we are often made to feel discouraged about our material possessions. This article reminds us, "True contentment comes from knowing you are at the center of God’s will, and is impossible without relationship with God."

2.7 Board Games That Help Teach Kids About Money by Jordan Smith. Summer is the perfect time to spend time playing games with your kids, why not make them educational? Smith recommends 7 board games that help teach the basics of saving, spending, and investing.

3. The Beauty of Quiet Faithfulness by Jaquelle Crowe Ferris. In this thoughtful assessment of Glenn Marshall's book Everyday Faithfulness: The Beauty of Ordinary Perseverance in a Demanding World, Crowe encourages those who feel burdened by the banality of every day life to persevere. Crowe reminds the believer that persevering through the monotony of daily obedience is the way to cultivate faithfulness in our lives.

4. Vacation in the Summer of Covid-19 by Eric Lipton, Christopher Solomon, Sheila Marikar and Tariro Mzezewa. In this article, writers for the New York Times set out to vacation during the summer of Covid-19. These authors carefully planned and strategized each trip with each reporting on their own personal experiences. Each author provides tips for how to maintain the fun of vacationing without compromising the health of your families.

5.How To Make Money Selling Books Online by Bob Lotich. Looking for ways to make extra side cash or finally attempting to declutter your book collection? Lotich provides easy tips for selling books online. Lotich simplifies the process by providing his favorite book selling app that removes the stress of selling online.


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