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My Five for Friday (June 5, 2020)

Need help getting a job? Interested in terrible financial principles most people adhere to? Or do you need help counseling someone in your life financially?

These questions and more are answered in this week’s My 5 for Friday.

1. Help! COVID-19 Left Me Unemployed by Brad Larson. Larson begins this article by comforting those who have lost jobs due to COVID-19. He reminds the believer that God will provide for you, protect you, and plan for you in this season of unemployment. He then goes on to list 6 practical tips for finding a job during this time.

2.The Purpose of Wealth by Clay Perkins. In this article, Perkins assesses whether or not wealth is inherently sinful or immoral. Perkins argues that the wealth in itself is not sinful, but instead necessary for the Kingdom of God. Perkins then lays out the ways in which believers should be giving, including: hospitality, providing for families, sending missionaries, and building the Kingdom.

3. “Cash is King!” and Other Bad Financial Advice by Chuck Bentley. Bentley warns against taking financial advice that sounds clever, but is actually untrue or unhelpful. One example of this is the advice that "cash is king," a slogan Bentley unpacks as untrue in this article, along with a few others. Bentley ties the value of cash with the amount of wisdom used in conjunction with it, arguing that wisdom must be the guiding principle to finances, not pithy slogans.

4.Master Your Money by Karen Guess. Guess lays out how to help counsel someone through tough financial decisions. She argues that, "money issues are always symptomatic of heart issues," because they often require someone to look into hidden places of the heart in order to discern the right move to make.

5.Coronavirus ‘Contact Tracer’ is One of the Most In-Demand Jobs Right Now. Here’s How to Get Hired by Daniel Bortz. This helpful article describes the contact tracing job that has arisen due to COVID-19. A contact tracer is someone whose job it is to track down an infected person's contact list and alert them that they have come in contact with someone with the Coronavirus. Bortz breaks down the requirements, qualifications needed, and how to get hired as a contact tracer.


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