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My Five for Friday (May 22, 2020)

Curious about the fate of small businesses after the pandemic? Need help creating your crisis budget? Or just wondering what exercise companies have to do with investing wisely?

These questions and more are answered in this week’s My 5 for Friday.

1. 5 Steps for Starting a Crisis Budget Spreadsheet by Chuck Bentley. Check out this free crisis budget spreadsheet that includes 5 steps for planning the best budget for your family. This spreadsheet will help you better prioritize essentials, non-essentials, and savings.

2. The New Face Of Small Business In The Wake Of Covid-19 by Frank Sorrentino With small businesses making up 44% of American economic activity, the fate of small businesses after the pandemic is extremely important to the economy. In this article, Sorrentino lays out how small businesses will have to adapt their business models to adjust to the digital market that has been on the rise since before the pandemic.

3. 6 Steps to Unleash Above and Beyond Giving Season During COVID-19 by Todd McMichen. "In times of disaster people are looking to live generously. Giving is a natural reaction to an obvious need." McMichen aims to give churches and pastors a plan for how to help grow generosity in their churches. He provides pastors a way to share a clearer vision to their churches for how generosity is an eternal investment.

4. Investing in a Pandemic? Look for These Brands That Spark Happiness by Annie Gaus. In this article, Gaus argues that if you are looking to invest during the pandemic then you should choose businesses that make people happy because they retain their worth in the market. The right businesses to choose are the ones that create a recurring customer base. These types of businesses include entertainment based companies, exercise companies, social media platforms etc.

"If you as a church leadership take time to consider these questions, you’ll be better placed to transition back to embodied gatherings." Hanna and Sanders give 5 questions for pastors to think and pray through before reopening their churches post-pandemic.


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