Selling Your House? Avoid These 8 Mistakes

This is the season of purchasing or selling a home.

Selling a home can be stressful, time-consuming, and draining. For first time home sellers, it’s easy to make mistakes. And these mistakes can be costly. Buyers often have multiple options. Especially during the spring, where home sellers come out in mass. If you are planning on building your home make sure to talk to a professional perth builder. When I had to sell my house fast Las Vegas, I read the same enumeration below, and looked out for the few common mistakes to avoid:

  1. Personalized colors. Your personal preferences will differ from prospective buyers’ preference. You may like red, but they like blue. Your best bet is to paint your house in neutral colors. You may always count on painting service available in Central PA.
  1. Personalized décor. Get rid of family pictures and your last name spelled out across the fire mantel. Your goal is to make them feel like this is their house, not your house.
  1. Pet presence. Pet odor can be a significant turnoff for buyers, even if they own pets themselves. If you have a pet, try to make sure the pet and it’s odor is undetectable.
  1. Upgrading too much. Don’t go overboard with the upgrades. Make sure that they add significant value to the home. Also, remember, a prospective buyer may have different tastes and preferences than you. A pool can be your dream, but it can be their nightmare.
  1. Setting the sale price too high. Setting your price too high can cause you to miss out on buyers in two ways. First, buyers that would be interested in your house if it were appropriately priced are scared away. Second, you unintentionally filter out your property on website searches. Many prospective buyers now search for properties on sites like To simplify the search, these sites allow you to set a price range, hiding properties priced outside of that range. A high price may hide your property from buyers that would be interested in purchasing if appropriately priced.
  1. Not using great photos. Again, many searchers start on websites. Attractive, professional pictures can accentuate your home’s strengths. And gain more interest from buyers.
  1. Not cleaning up. A clean house communicates to prospective buyers that the home was cared for. A messy home makes prospective buyers wonder what else was neglected.
  1. Allowing emotions to get involved. You have made many memories in your home. And your emotions may lead you to think that your home is worth more than it actually is. When negotiating a selling price, set your emotions to the side. It will be a benefit to you and your home’s future owner.

Determining to sell your home is a significant decision. Personally, I recommend using a realtor to help with the process. But whether you use a realtor or not, be careful to avoid the mistakes above. Avoiding these mistakes can lead to a quicker sale.

7 Homebuying Mistakes for Millennials to Avoid

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